Mareli Esterhuizen

Mareli Esterhuizen is pursuing a career in photography after completing her studies with a degree in Photography at the NMMU in Port Elizabeth. She is currently still living and working in Cape Town, running a small photographic school called School of Light, while working on various photographic projects, collaborations and exhibitions. Marelie has been part of numerous group-exhibitions in South Africa and abroad; her debut show was held at Dirt Contemporary, CT as part of a residency program, and most recently her work has been featured in a digital display at the Louvre in Paris.




I work quite intuitively, always trying to be truthful and sensitive to the subject matter. I enjoy juxtaposing elements which are out of their context together, and the tension that this creates. I also love the awkwardness that springs out of imposed relationship between different objects. My style changes often and am a firm believer of spontaneity and following your intuition. In the words of Li Hui: ‘Always experiment’.

I like to give context to arbitrary objects and see how a narrative can evolve through unsystematic connections. I am passionate about precision in composition and the way various elements within the frame influence each other. Every single arrangement of line, structure, shape or color will tell a unique story. I want to slow down the viewer’s gaze, and allow people to see and take hold of another reality. I want to create uplifting images that allow the viewer’s imagination free reign to create their own narrative. Art, to me, is like a self-portrait, giving a voice to your experience.












To view more of Marelie Esterhuizen’s work, please visit her website.

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