Abby Murphy

Abby Murphy was born in Indianapolis, Indiana and currently works as a freelance photographer in Charleston, South Carolina. Abby received her BFA from Rhode Island School of Design in 2015. She specializes in fashion and lifestyle photography and loves the creative people she meets and the beautiful places her work takes her. Abby’s commercial and fine art interests blur in her most recent series about consumerism.  



Motivated by my own conflicted relationship with consumerism, Worth explores the alluring, artificial, and scripted experience of shopping. Since my early teenage years, I have plastered hundreds of glossy magazine pages to my bedroom walls as a shrine to my obsession with fashion and beauty. Despite my habitual attraction to this glamorous world, the icons of power and wealth seem too perfect, fantastical, and absurd.




Through photography, I consider the constructs that exist inside the sacred spaces of luxury stores. The intelligence of product display, customer relations, and advertising are all part of a seamlessly orchestrated spectacle. I see this part of our culture as both a pleasurable escape and a trap, a realm in which I am reconciling my desire with my distrust.








To view more of Abby’s work please visit her website.

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