Kate Molenkamp

Kate Molenkamp is an emerging documentary photographer based in Melbourne, Australia. She graduated from the BA Photography Program at RMIT University in 2012. An anthropology enthusiast, Kate avidly embodies the study of society, people and culture into her photographic practice. After graduating, Kate travelled throughout Northern Europe, basing herself in Berlin. In 2013 Kate reached countries as far north as Greenland, affirming her love for the Nordic region. In March 2014, Kate ventured to South Korea, where she produced Outlander.

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As a foreigner in Asia, the intensity of urban life is a confronting experience; social and cultural peculiarities attribute to a sense of displacement. The shift in the customs, the order and the function of society not only make one feel alien; often you are perceived as one in turn.

Outlander is a curious, childlike observation of South Korean society, within the urban landscape. It explores not only the vibrant eccentricities unique to this mono-cultural society, but also the human (and creature) interaction within this setting.

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To see more of Kate’s work, please visit her website.

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