Terry Ratzlaff

Terry A. Ratzlaff, (b.1985) is an American photographer who lives and works in Denver, Colorado.  His photographs are mostly concerned with the individual and it’s connection to the changing environment.  When not on assignment, he can be found working on personal projects around the American West.  He attended the Art Institute of Colorado where he received a BA in 2007. A few of his clients include; Newsweek, HUCK, WSJ and The FT Weekend.  Today we’re sharing Terry’s series ‘Periphery’.

Peripheryratzlaff_periphery_aintbad02 PeripheryPeriphery


Periphery is concerned with his fascination of the mundane and the non-obvious that are present in the outskirts of the Denver-metro area.  Where isolation and economic hardship are relevant throughout industrial areas and bordering suburbs.  The outskirts are where Terry finds the most culture and vibrant characters are tucked away. These places seem to be forgotten and overlooked.

ratzlaff_periphery_aintbad15 ratzlaff_periphery_aintbad14 Periphery Periphery Periphery Periphery Periphery Periphery Periphery

To view more of Terry’s work, visit his website! 

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