Can Dagarslani

Can Dagarslani graduated in 2006 from Mimar Sinan University of Fine Art, Istanbul. He became interested in photography while studying architecture. In 2003 Dagarslani started working on landscape shots that would bring out each city’s architectural plan. When Dagarslani discovered analog photography, his digital camera was put aside for an analog camera that triggered his passion for photography. Today we’re honored to share two series by Dagarslani –  ‘Inside Out’ and ‘Identities’.


Dagarslani explains his work as the avoidance of being ordinary – though he utilizes realistic light and colors, there is something unusual and unbelievable about each image. The positioning and expressions creating optical illusions that only strengthen the surreal, other worldly qualities of the work.

can_dagarslani_02 can_dagarslani_03 can_dagarslani_04 can_dagarslani_05 can_dagarslani_06 can_dagarslani_07


The search for ‘identity’ is the point of origin of the following series. Two identical and inseparable young women dressed and positioned in the same way, who seem almost like dolls. The unusual sensation of synchronized faces staring at the viewer entice you to initially search for physical similarities before realizing that the two women are not actually related. Dagarslani exposes the similarities and explores the differences of these two girls, through the perception of symmetry.

can_dagarslani_08 can_dagarslani_09 can_dagarslani_10 can_dagarslani_11

If you’d like to see more of Can Dagarslani’s work, please visit his website!

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