Jameson Kergozou

Jameson Kergozou is an English-born photographer and journalist based in Poland. Graduating from the Arts University Bournemouth with a Fda in Commercial Photography, Jameson gained the full Ba through Open College of Arts whilst traveling around India and living in Los Angeles. Since 2013 he has been living in Gdansk, Poland.

His work has been exhibited internationally including the AOP Student awards where he was awarded a judges choice. As a journalist he has written for magazines including The Modernist, Boneshaker and Mr. Wolf on subjects including Rickshaws, Scandinavian Design and Social Modernist Architecture.








My New Home

In 2013 I immigrated to Pruszcz Gdanski, Poland. I had been there only once before on a two week trip meeting my wife’s family and visiting the places where she grew up. I made the move knowing little Polish and looking back very little about the culture.

Living in my wife’s childhood home as we attempt to save for a mortgage, photography became my way of communicating and understanding the different environment I found myself in. Noticeable difference in the climate, landscape and culture became subjects of my focus.

Made up of small observations over several trips around the Pomeranian, the series also seeks to address what it means to call a place ‘home’. How we can make a seemingly strange place our own. In a way this body of work has been my way of acclimatizing to Poland.









To see more of Jameson’s work please visit his website.

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