Andre Bradley

Andre Bradley lives and works in Philadelphia, PA. Bradley is a graduate of Hampshire College where he was selected in 2008 as a James Baldwin Scholar and in 2012, was a received the Elaine Mayes Award for Photography. Bradley received a Master’s of Fine Art from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2015 was selected as a president’s scholar and was a recipient of the T.C. Colley Award for Photographic Excellence. He has work in the permanent collection of the RISD Museum of Art.




Naïve Format

What does the landscape communicate to us as men? Is our worth and well being static and bound in those who’ve birthed and bled for us? Are we trapped in our hometown? In our experiences of rejection and abandonment do we compete and kill? These are critical questions. I am fixated on and afraid of death, afraid of being intimate and in love, afraid of being filled with a rage toward violence. All these fears ignite questions. The answers can be portrayed through this collection of photographs; Naïve Format (2015-2016) attempts to convey a landscape of mirth and melancholy.When I take images, I make a garden on a print. I collect. I watch the news. I take a picture as I fear for my life. I take, I read, I synthesize in the green. These images express my associative pain. In quest of an improved outlook I returned to my home terrain.













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