Fred Hirschman

Fred Hirschman (1992) is a photographer born and raised in northeast Ohio. He obtained his B.F.A. in photography from the University of Akron in December of 2014, and currently resides in Savannah, Georgia pursuing his M.F.A. in photography at the Savannah College of Art and Design.

StaringAtTheSun-1 StaringAtTheSun-2

Staring At The Sun

My current work explores the different ways images can create a dialogue between themselves, and how the written word and images can function outside of their original context, questioning how their meaning can be changed within the photographic frame. I am largely interested in the different ways in which various elements of both the everyday and popular culture can be manipulated through the photographic process. By releasing the subject matter from their context in the real world, they have the opportunity to be interpreted in new ways.

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Aint–Bad No. 13 Call For Entry is officially open! We are teaming up with a new group of guest curators and editors from all over to collaborate on a publication that seeks the best contemporary photography being made today! Learn more about each of these talented curators and submit today!

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