Cait Oppermann

Cait Oppermann has been a long time favorite here at Aint-Bad and she seems to be blowing up lately. She is a New York-based fine art and editorial photographer. Her personal work often looks at the relationship between the real and constructed, such as the effects of Western influence and tourism in Asia as well as how experiences in travel and commerce are manufactured to shape one’s interpretation of a place. As an editorial photographer, she has worked with publications such as WIRED, Bloomberg Businessweek, Surface, and Refinery29. She has been nominated as a PDN 30 in both 2015 and 2016. Today we share a selection of images from Cait’s recent trip to the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. Cait and I both agree that no words are needed to describe these images.

CaitOppermann_20160215_2038_work CaitOppermann_20160215_2150_work CaitOppermann_20160215_2159_work CaitOppermann_20160215_2191_work CaitOppermann_20160215_2221_work_AboveBenches CaitOppermann_20160215_2227_work_hairspray CaitOppermann_20160215_2241_work57 CaitOppermann_20160215_2256_work copy CaitOppermann_20160215_2280_work_OldManSittingAlone CaitOppermann_20160216_2336_work_HairsprayDog CaitOppermann_20160216_2361_work_TeensFloor CaitOppermann_20160216_2381_work_TeenageHandler_002 CaitOppermann_20160216_2412_work_HairDryerChin CaitOppermann_20160216_2466_work_CameraPurpleVelvet CaitOppermann_20160216_2496_work_livewatchingFront CaitOppermann_20160216_2499_work_iphonegirls CaitOppermann_20160216_2500_work_handsondog CaitOppermann_20160216_2512_work_sadpizza CaitOppermann_20160216_2534_work_doglickingface_CROP CaitOppermann_20160216_2554_tvfloor_002

To see more of Cait’s work, Please visit her website.


Photo Credit : Céline Clanet

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