Josh Cohen

Josh Cohen (b.1986) was raised in central New Jersey with access to all things suburban, including but not limited to parking lots, strip malls, backyards, and runoff creeks. He studied science at Roger Williams University in Rhode Island, before going on to study graphic design at the School of Visual Arts. In the past several years, Josh has adopted photography into his creative practice and puts it at the forefront of how he tells stories. He currently resides in Brooklyn, NY.




Lausanne, Switzerland

Josh met Simon in 2010 on the job, shortly after Graduating school. Fresh from Switzerland, Simon’s English at the time was a difficult to understand, and Josh spoke only a few words of french, nevertheless they became fast friends. Throughout the years they became close, but Josh had felt like as though he was still lacking a fully formed understanding of what was at the core of Simon.

How well can you really know someone until you know where they’ve come from? To know the experiences that defined them, that is to say their memory, tradition, and place. Josh has known Simon for a while, but out of the context of his home. There are things that Josh would never understand about Simon’s accumulated character had he never met his parents, or saw the yard he played in, or the lake he swam in, or the mountains he walked in, or the vineyard he











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