Mark Townsend

Mark Townsend is a photographer living in Brooklyn, NY. He has lived in New York City for twenty of his last twenty eight years, continuing to make photographs with film, primarily color 35mm. He has traveled to and photographed in the United States, Canada, Mexico, South America and Southeast Asia, and has published and exhibited photographs in the United States and Valparaiso, Chile.

mark_townsend_1 new york city 2015 mark_townsend_2 new york city 2015 mark_townsend_3 new york city 2015

I’ve lived in New York City for twenty of the last twenty eight years. The city has gone through many changes during that time and is always becoming something else. Constant change, for better or worse. Now it is almost impossible, economically to live here as an artist. At the same time, the city is so alive that walking out the door is inspiring enough to start making photographs. I feel I am making, “incidental” photographs. There is always a 35mm film camera at the ready in my bag.
The light always hits something that is like a spotlight only you can see/feel, act fast for it is only there for a fraction of a second. I hope to make a photograph full of questions.

mark_townsend_4 new york city 2015 mark_townsend_5 new york city 2015 mark_townsend_6 new york city 2015 mark_townsend_7 new york city 2015 mark_townsend_8 new york city 2015 mark_townsend_9 new york city 2015 mark_townsend_10 new york city 2015 mark_townsend_11 new york city 2015 mark_townsend_12 new york city 2015 mark_townsend_13 new york city 2015 mark_townsend_14 new york city 2015 mark_townsend_15 new york city 2015 mark_townsend_16 new york city 2015 mark_townsend_17 new york city 2015 mark_townsend_18 new york city 2015 mark_townsend_19 new york city 2015 mark_townsend_20 new york city 2015

To see more of Matt’s work, please visit his website.


Photo Credit : Céline Clanet

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