Carlos Jaramillo

Today we take another look at Carlos Jaramillo, one of our favorite emerging photographers. Carlos was born in McAllen, Texas 1988, and currently lives in New York City, where he recently received his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography from the School of Visual Arts. His work has been featured in multiple publications including The New York Times Magazine and has had his work shown in multiple group and solo shows. Currently, his personal projects span the subjects of skateboarding, small town America, and subjects in Latin America.


While exploring Havana Cuba I met a pigeon racer, named Erislandy, on a rooftop in Old Havana. He agreed to let me shoot him and his pigeons. I spent a lot of time on that rooftop with him, and his cousin Yohany who also races pigeons. I learned about Erislandy, the sport, and his birds – one of which is the third fastest pigeon in Cuba. Our passion for his birds became an intrigue in one another. With Old Havana as my backdrop, the beauty of these pigeons and these two strangers came to life.

Carlos_Jaramillo-2 Carlos_Jaramillo-3 Carlos_Jaramillo-4 Carlos_Jaramillo-5 Carlos_Jaramillo-6 Carlos_Jaramillo-7 Carlos_Jaramillo-8 Carlos_Jaramillo-9 Carlos_Jaramillo-10 Carlos_Jaramillo-11 Carlos_Jaramillo-12 Carlos_Jaramillo-13 Carlos_Jaramillo-14

To view more of Carlos’ work, please visit his website!

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