What We’ve Found:
Baby, I Love You

Hey Baby! We’re excited to release the results of our latest ‘What We’ve Found’ Call for Entry.

What we’ve found is that the naked human body is the most common idea of love, sex, heartbreak, whatever. The intimacy achieved in the submissions feels fabricated as the camera acts like another set of eyes in the room. Intimacy becomes a performance. Perhaps because we’re viewing the photo it feels like we’ve disturbed the moment. What We’ve Found is  capturing true intimacy is nearly impossible, but it sure is fun to look at.

What we’ve found is that the ‘lack’ of intimacy (you know, that primal, glamorized, documented sex) portrayed in many of the submissions was appropriated pornography distorted in some fashion. The other common image was a late-night kiss shared by strangers. What we’ve found is that when it comes to love, even the most beautiful medium can’t represent the feelings as strongly as they come.

What we’ve found is that heartbreak is represented by absence. A photograph of dead flowers working as a visual poem. What we’ve found is that most of you are hopeless romantics (don’t worry, so are we).

Jessica Rech

Maela Ohana


Nikki Krecicki

JP Terlizzi

Elena Mudd

Mandy Torres

Scott Houston

Allison DeBritz

Eric Lawton

Ali Kate Cherkis


Cory Rice

Rachel Jump


Sarah Malakoff

Evan Jenkins

Evan Jenkins


Jadwiga Janowska


Madeleine Ivey

Harris Mizrahi

We’re truly grateful for your submissions. We love you. Keep an eye out for the next ‘What We’ve Found’ theme!


Photo Credit : Céline Clanet

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