Joris Hermans

Joris Hermans (b. 1983, Geel, Belgium) is a photographer currently based in Belgium. After graduating in 2008, he started working as a graphic designer and photographer spending several years exploring his photographic interests, slowly growing towards photojournalism and documentary. He has been shooting assignments and personal work extensively in Africa and Asia. Joris’ recent work focuses on social and environmental relations in remote locations in the United States. Today we share his series, You Are Not You Anymore.




You are not you anymore.

The Delta evokes visions. Visions of plantations, history and blues. Today, the Delta is one of the poorest places in the United States with a high infant mortality rate, unemployment and little hope for a better future. Over the last 50 years more than half of the people have left the Delta looking for a better life elsewhere.

Traveling across the Delta feels like nothing else. Scorching heat, the sound of crickets on summer evenings and the nicest people. It was such an inspiring experience to me that I kept on exploring the place for weeks using Google Streetview. I discovered so many inspiring and interesting scenes that I decided to make a series of screenshot photographs. Technically, they were already made by Google but to me, they only start to exist when someone takes them out of their Streetview context. Even though this is an interesting discussion, these photographs should be read as a simple love song to the Delta but also to modern digital media that change the way we look at photography.













To view more of Joris’ work please visit his website.

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