David Vintiner

 His work has been selected for several awards, including The Taylor Wessing Portrait Prize, The IPA Lucie’s, Magenta Foundation Flash Forward and The Creative Review Photography Annual. He is a regular contributor to Wired, Esquire, Variety & The Sunday Times Magazine and several of his portraits have been acquired by the National Portrait Gallery in London. 


“Essentially, my work is all about people, their tricks, traits, body language and personas.  What I am drawn to and what inspires me and my work, are stories.”


The Futurists

These images form part of an ongoing collaboration between photographer David Vintiner and Art Director Gemma Fletcher.  The futurists are a diverse group of individuals whose main aim is to overcome the limitations of human beings through technology.  Biological evolution is being surpassed by technological evolution.   As technology and access to technology becomes ever more democratized it fosters a culture of hacking, disruption & invention allowing many of these practitioners to design their own evolution.  Although they come from distinctly different backgrounds, from academia through to experimental bedroom hackers, they remain passionate about how technology can improve the world or improve the human experience in the world.









To see more of David’s work, please visit his website.

What We've Read!

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