Lauren Wilkins

Lauren Wilkins is an analog photographer and collage artist originally from New Jersey. She graduated from Columbia College Chicago (BA PH’13), where her photographic collages are a permitted part of Columbia College Chicago Collection and the Chicago Athletic Association. Lauren was also selected to be a part of Catherine Edelman’s Chicago Project online gallery and showed her work in July ’15. Lauren’s artwork has also been in featured in various publications including Whattaroll Magazine, LENSCRATCH and Don’t Take Pictures. Currently she lives in Rogers Park with her boyfriend, Benjamin.  Today we share her series, Abuse Project: No More Silence, No More Fear.

Abuse Project: No More Silence, No More Fear 

This is an ongoing project about overcoming physical and sexual abuse. The first time I ever had sex I was raped and out of fear, kept it a secret for seven years. After college I attended two years of therapy to overcome my anxiety and PTSD. During this time I met this guy, who was my first love, who ended up physically attacking me.

As a survivor I have been living my life in fear and strength and I hope working on this project will separate that fear so I can celebrate my strength.

To view more of Lauren’s work, please visit her website.

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