Max Knight

Max Knight is a self-taught landscape and portrait photographer, born in London, England – now residing in Los Angeles, California. He is interested in the little stories that surround us and looks to elevate the ordinary in the everyday. Over the last eight years, Max has done everything backwards as photography accidentally went from hobby to career at an early age. He now feels like this is his time to study and experiment. Max splits his time between shooting landscape and street series – with stills and video commissions in the music, editorial and advertising industries.

Cats in Windows

When travelling, its important to immerse yourself in culture but also find comfort in familiarity. There are very few specific sights you can see anywhere in the world – but cats sitting in windows is one of them. Finding them is a game like Where’s Wally – it encourages you to wander into residential areas and view the architecture and homes that people make for their families. As for the felines themselves – a stare, or gaze is an essential aspect of portraiture from renaissance art to contemporary photography – and nothing gazes more than a cat.

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What We've Read!

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