Conner Gordon

Conner Gordon (b. 1994) is an Indiana-based photographer documenting the American Midwest and scattered elsewheres. A graduate of DePauw University with a degree in political science, much of his work focuses on the intersection of photography, conflict and memory. His projects include Answer, an examination of being an outsider in the Western Balkans, and Where Does That Flower Bloom, which documents the cancer narratives surrounding his late grandmother and the lakeside town she called home. In 2011, he was awarded the Columbia Scholastic Press Association’s Gold Circle Award for excellence in photojournalism. His work has appeared in publications including Touch.My.Prints, Pool Resources and A Midwestern Review.


Over two decades after the wars that swallowed the former Yugoslavia subsided, the countries of the Western Balkans have become magnets for academics and artists looking to examine the characteristics of post-conflict societies. Conner Gordon became part of this influx when he studied post-conflict memory in Serbia, Bosnia and Kosovo in 2015. Answer, a series put together during his studies, focuses on Gordon’s experiences living in the Western Balkans, a process which required coming to terms with studying a conflict from the privileged position of an outsider. In doing so, Answer explores the tensions and complexities inherent in reconciling one’s experiences with the privilege that makes them possible and insulates them from harm.

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