TJ Tambellini

The Los Angeles based artist, TJ Tambellini, explores photography through sculptural composition and vivid complementing palettes, revealing understated moments in the often inanimate, overly habitual landscapes. TJ’s work has been exhibited in Los Angeles, and has been featured in Printed Pages, Justified, Sentimental Magazine, and Paper Journal. In 2016 released his first photobook, Court Yard, a study of the 1920s and 30’s apartment buildings in West Hollywood, California. The majority of TJ’s work is based in California and the American Southwest, with an attraction to local flora, sculptural moments, and desert towns.

High and Lo

This collection of recent photographs will gradually make their way to an ongoing sequence, most into the unfinished series High and Lo. In the past TJ had allowed boundaries around making cohesive work. To break ways TJ is letting these naturally adhere and take shape.

To view more of TJ’s work please visit his website.

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