Akkara Naktamna

Akkara Naktamna was born in Bangkok in 1979 and started shooting as a self-taught photographer in 2008–receiving influence by Elliott Erwitt’s book and comedic film, “Pecker”. His works have been shown widely both in Thailand and abroad such as: IPA Street Photography Asia Award 2013 (Singapore), Miami Street Photography Festival 2013 (USA), Xishuangbana Photo Festival 2014 (China), Photo Bangkok Festival 2015, Singapore Photo Festival 2016, etc. Shortly after Akkara created a zine titled “SIGNS’ in 2016, it was collected by the MoMA Library Collection as a shortlist qualifier for the Anamorphosis Prize 2016. He also founded GoodArtBook.com, a website for promoting Thai self-published art books, as well as co-founded Street Photo Thailand collective. Akkara currently works as a software engineer, has one adorable daughter, and spends his free time practicing photography.

Censored Faces

This project  was made by photographing censored faces on Thai television, especially those in crime news. Sometimes we cannot differentiate between the faces of criminals from those that belong to the victimsTTel

To view more of Akkara’s work please visit his website.

What We've Read!

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