Eanna De Freine

Éanna de Fréine is an Irish photographer based in Osaka and Taipei. His work focuses on the seemingly mundane and inconsequential within the urban environment that we tend to overlook and under-appreciate. He attended Goldsmiths’s College, London, and received an M.A. in Photography & Urban Cultures. He is also the founder of the publishing house The Velvet Cell and IndiePhotobooks.

Tales from Beneath the arches

Tales from Beneath the Arches explores the transformation of ‘non-places’ created by the mass building of elevated highways and expressways in Taiwanese cities. This project examines how such spaces have been repurposed by people to suit their needs. It is in these spaces that we can see the interaction between people and the built environment in one of the densest urban landscapes in the world.

To view more of Éanna’s work please visit his website.


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