Richard Anderson

Richard Anderson, B. 1992, is an artist living and working in Chicago. He received his BA from Columbia College Chicago in 2015. Published through Nonporous, Anderson released his first publication in 2016 entitled, City of the Century. He also published a project this year through Nonporous called Lifeblood, which features graphic design, writing, and photography about long-haul trucking.

City of the Century

Cities by and large contain a series of “failures” that include (but are not limited to): flawed design, poor planning, crumbling infrastructure, and sloppy architecture. These failures are integral to the identity of a city.

Only through a better understanding of the various ways that cities crumble and fall, whether partially or entirely, can society adapt, evolve, and build a more perfect metropolis. All cities share a specific and universal language, which is evident regardless of whether they are economically thriving or physically crumbling. It is undeterred by a prosperous past and can be detected especially in the face of an uncertain future.

Check out more of Richard’s work on his website.

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