James Parker


James Parker (b.1991) from Barnsley, Yorkshire, received a first in photography from Edinburgh and Toronto universities. Now based in London, his work has gained recognition from institutions such as Magnum, NOOR, Format and Brighton festivals. James’ images circle around portraiture and documentary photo stories usually carrying tones of industry, manufacturing, transport and sport. His work has been displayed in several galleries, notably Streetlevel Photoworks and Stills. James is currently working on a selection of new projects and ideas, looking at astronomy and football fans.


Boys Bikes and Bucket Hats

In this body of work, Boys, Bikes and Bucket Hats, James explores the male gaze from Romanian to Mongolia. The project becomes a response to a personal challenge to drive the distance in a 1971 classic Morris Minor car. The journey took James through nineteen countries, from Europe to Asia, over three deserts and one sea. At a time when it can take only several days to travel the Earth, the journey was completed after 53 days, 9,898 miles, with an average top speed of 8mph. The work records the landscapes, random encounters and stories along the route, a nod towards male positioning through the countries and James’ own thoughts on masculine positioning, what we’re suppose to do, act like and be.

To view more of James’ work please visit his website.

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