Anu Kumar

Anu Kumar (b.1990) is an Australian documentary photographer based in Melbourne, Australia. Anu is captivated by diversity in culture and circumstance, and seeks to portray these alternate realities through the humble beauty in peoples’ unexpected and everyday moments. She appreciates the rare glimpse her photography allows into strangers’ lives, and wishes to capture their reality with sincerity to encourage viewers to reflect and engage with foreign contexts, as human and real. On a personal level, Anu’s photo stories give her the opportunity to connect with her own Indian heritage and explore identity, as a woman born in India and raised in Australia.


Nagar, meaning ‘town’ in Hindi is a photo series that emerged from my recent trip to my hometown of Kavi Nagar, Ghaziabad.

The town has a modest population and is situated roughly two hours from Delhi. I captured this series of images while accompanying my two aunts on our daily 4pm wanders around the village.

When visiting Kavi Nagar throughout my childhood, it always seemed fairly unremarkable.
However during my recent trip, I was able to explore beyond the seemingly mundane to discover the surprisingly fascinating true nature of my hometown.

To view more of Anu’s work please visit her website.

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