Sam Miller Gott

The United States based artist Sam Miller Gott received her B.F.A. in photography at Emporia State University. After graduating, she immigrated to South Korea and for the next eight years traveled mainly between Europe, Japan, South Korea and the UK which greatly influences her work. She is currently a candidate to receive her M.F.A. at Wichita State University in painting, one of the oldest programs in the United States.

How to Survive Earth

How to Survive Earth is an amalgamation of tips, anecdotes, and images that is a similitude of a life survival manual.

This body of work compounds my long and on-going history with mental illness issues, life experiences from the various places around the world I’ve lived and general interests that help aid in my own survival. My circumstances, whether it be locality or severity of illness, has changed over past decades but underlying constants remain. I am keenly aware of their shape shifting and their ability to continually surprise and catch me unaware.

The content within the manual is concurrently playful and incisive, witty and sad, personal and universal. By examining my own personal condition of survival, I conflate the surviving condition of those around me. This visual and literary catalog investigates survival of the modern world in which we live.

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