Kathryn Allen Hurni

Kathryn Allen Hurni, born in 1984, attended New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts where she obtained a B.F.A. in in Photography. Since graduating in 2006 her work has been shown in several exhibitions in collaboration with Aperture Gallery, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Black Box Gallery. She had her first solo show at Penn State University in 2015, where she delivered an artist talk to the BFA students and teachers. Her work has appeared in numerous publications including T Magazine, DETAILS, WSJ, and W Magazine. Hurni currently divides her time between her fine art practice and her commercial work as a freelance lifestyle photographer. Hurni is based in Brooklyn, NYC.


Like whisper down the lane, communication without a shared language can quickly morph transmission into transmutation, and end in fantasy. Documenting parts of Russia, photographer Kathryn Allen Hurni, explores the social and experiential vacuum created by an absence mutual cognition and the surge of imagination that fills it.

To view more of Kathryn’s work please visit her website.

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