Felix Gaertner

Felix Gaertner (*1990) from Stuttgart, Germany is a photo artist. He fell in love with portraiture, traveling and the internet. In 2015 he finished his photographic studies at the University of Applied Sciences & Arts Dortmund, Germany. His works have been recently pulished on his website and instagram. Felix is convinced that he will be famous some day. At the moment he is planning a trip to Japan.

Felix Gärtner berkunjung ke Indonesia – Felix Gärtner visiting Indonesia

I was guest in a far away country which I only knew from stories and whose native language I do not speak.
In this country, I was neither looking for adventures nor extreme experiences, I was neither chasing a particular story nor did I want to expose a certain issue. What I set out to discover was of a much more ordinary nature. It surrounds us all on a daily basis, however different it may appear to be. What I was looking for in fact was mere everyday life.
“Felix Gärtner berkunjung ke Indonesia – Felix Gärtner visiting Indonesia” is a discovery, a journey, a narrative about daily routine and normality near the equator. It is my personal homage to traveling with a camera.

To view more of Felix’s work please visit his website.

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