Kris Kozlowski Moore

Kris Kozlowski Moore (b. 1995) is an English photographer based in Manchester. His work reflects on how geographical spaces prompt and engage in conversations specific to that place; whether these be cultural, social, aesthetical or political. His most recent work, Forty Six Guns, explores Switzerland’s idiosyncratic and unassuming gun culture as both its genuine and ostensible subject. The series has been self-published as an edition of 250. Aside from his personal work, Kris received a First Class Honours degree in photography this year and also writes for the likes of The Heavy Collective. He is currently living and working in Manchester, focusing on personal projects whilst also taking commissions.

Forty Six Guns

Forty Six Guns takes Switzerland’s idiosyncratic and unassuming gun culture as both its genuine and ostensible subject. Having one of the highest rates of gun ownership per capita in the world, it is concurrently cited as one of the world’s safest countries to live in. Partly rooted in a militia structure of the armed forces, the vast majority of the military are composed of conscripts where personally assigned firearms are stored at home. Deeply embedded traditions of hunting, recreational and competitive shooting further an abundance of firearms throughout the country as well as establishing an active and widely embraced part of their national identity.

The publication of Forty Six Guns consists of new photographic and found archival works that collectively construct a personal and non linear narrative through a multitude of indexical references to Swiss gun culture. The title derives from the approximate number of privately owned firearms per one hundred people in Switzerland, although this statistic does vary.

To view more of Kris’ work please visit his website.


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