Tom Krawczyk

Tom Krawczyk is a Chicago-based photographer and filmmaker. He lived in South Korea for two years, teaching students and working on documentaries. His photographs have been painted as murals in the bustling neighborhoods of South Korea and displayed as billboards in Hong Kong. His work has also been on the cover of Bling, a Korean indie rock, underground hip-hop, club culture, and fashion magazine. His work focuses on finding the subversive, alternative, and fringe elements of everyday life and bringing them to light through photography.

The Cover of Night

Under the Cover of Night is a collection of photographs exploring the quiet nocturne of Chicago’s Northside neighborhoods. This series investigates shop windows at night, where fragmented light, long shadows, and buzzing neon haunt spaces left abandoned while their daily inhabitants sleep. Faintly illuminated by reflections from the outside world, this series is reminiscent of days past, fleeting hours, and hints toward an eerie and apocalyptic unknown. I explore in the dark to investigate the importance of light and color, or the lack thereof. To truly recognize them, I limit them. While these places transform overnight, they unknowingly call to mind the importance of solitude. These nights I captured were calm and tranquil. The scenes act as ritual assistance to recharge and tackle on the coming day.

To view more of Tom’s work please visit his website.

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