Andrew Mangum

Andrew Mangum is an emerging portrait photographer based in Baltimore, Maryland. He was born in Silver Spring, Maryland in 1987 & raised in various suburbs around the Washington D.C. metropolitan area. His work takes a documentary format, exploring the human condition through the study of physical and social landscapes. Through medium format film, he evokes a sense stillness and space. His work has been published in The New York Times, Curbed, The Sun Magazine, and the Baltimore City Paper.


Pimlico is a neighborhood in Baltimore City directly connected to the Pimlico Race Course, which is home to Preakness, an annual horse racing event. The images are a monograph of sorts, vaguely exploring the theme of wealth. Wealth can equal money, but in a lot of circumstances, wealth is a state of mind or a sense of pride. Through this series of portraits and street-scapes, the narrative compares both the neighborhood and the interior race course, examining how the signs of wealth relate or conflict with each other.

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