Valentin Fougeray

Valentin Fougeray (born in 1989 in France) rst started focusing on art in 2009 after studying architecture. He completed his education at Gobelins, where he graduated in 2014. He simultaneously balanced his studies with his experiments in the arts, more largely as head of the photography department at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Quimper. His aesthetic was born and nourished by a plethora of encounters. He worked alongside Denis Rouvre, whom he accompanied as light assistant during two years in France and abroad. Without limiting himself by one definitive field; his various in uences and creative outlets build his style, and above all, questioning perception is at the core of his creations. tracks are blurred, illustrating the ambiguity of space, time and reality.


The aesthetic presence of this work tends to create a substantial tension casting doubt on the reality of images. Yet, everything here is real. The experimental constructions made in and outside of the studio, use different materials. The objects photographed are formed through a meticulous search for balance. A balance that binds space, color, composition and assembly of matters and materials.

The series explores the paradoxical relationship between the two-dimensional character of photography and its subjects: sometimes transparent, sometimes moving or voluminous.
The framework imposed by the photographic medium is an essential component in the final result. The eye could believe that these images derive from a digital manipulation. The soft yet saturated colors accentuate these ambiguities and emphasize the surrealist dimension with poetry.

To view more of Valentin’s work please visit his website.

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