Jessica Pierotti

Jessica Pierotti is an interdisciplinary artist, photographer, and educator living in Chicago, Illinois, USA. She received her Masters in Fine Arts from the University of Illinois at Chicago in 2016. She currently works as the Executive Director for the non-profit LATITUDE Chicago, and as a lecturer at SAIC.

Jessica’s personal work addresses anxiety, control, absurdity, and an obsessive and sincere interest in attempting to understand the world through process. She is an image maker that is hungry to better understand the impact of mediation and reproduction through video, photography, and sculpture. Jessica often works with personal content and everyday objects as a means of focusing in on modest gestures.


An American in Berlin for one month, I spent my time writing, reading and walking the city while collecting information along the way. My daily walks were recorded the morning after from memory without the aid of maps. Frustratingly inaccurate, these maps show the impossibility of framing a period of time, depicting space, or relying upon memory – instead building their own simplistic world. Concurrently I spent my time on foot collecting photographs and contemplating the cultural differences of Berlin. I became fascinated with the sense of visibility in the city, the people on the street kept to themselves, no-one crosses against the light, and every street level window has a covering – from the improvisational scraps of paper and packing tape to vibrant vertical blinds. In a covered window the reflection becomes more apparent, more specifically my role as a viewer and visitor of the city. Using a phone camera I unobtrusively photographed with an awareness to surveillance, gaze and boundary lines. Attempting to see, understand, or depict a place or an experience accurately is an absurd impossibility. Instead this project is a record born in the process of letting go, of looking back at the reflection and focusing in on the modest complexity of daily life.

This project is in progress to be a 45-page book that weaves together hand-drawn maps and photographs throughout.

To view more of Jessica’s work please visit her website.