David Billet

David Billet is currently a student at Maryland Institute College of Art, who’s work is exploring the preconceived ideals of masculinity through portraits and spaces. Billet is Looking at other humans and events that he experienced to interpret his own feelings about masculinity and make sense of his own identity. While considering how the subjects and the space are eluding to masculine stereotypes.

Cheese Popcorn

I sit striving for the best. Yet when I get what I strived for, it doesn’t feel as I thought. I think of the time I ate cheese popcorn with my dad playing video games. I would feel happy then, when we would win the game. Nothing has been the same since, the cheese popcorn sucks, I can’t play video games, and my dad isn’t home.

Cheese Popcorn is about me becoming afraid of falling into a similar path as my father. Trying to avoid doing what he thought I should be as a man. Yet the more I try to evade making the same mistakes my father made I find myself becoming more and more like him. By putting myself in these situations similar to my father I’m figuring out who I was, who I am, and where I want to be.

To view more of David’s work please visit his website.

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