Jiles Molina

Jiles Molina is a self taught, 19 year old film photographer from British Columbia, Canada. Currently he is living, working and photographing on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia. Most of his work is shot on medium and large format film. Location based documentary photography, architecture, and portraiture are his primary focuses. His project “Local Traffic” is his largest body of work.

Local Traffic

Local Traffic is a social and architectural documentary project about the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, Canada. I began this project with the hope of providing a more intimate look into the region and the people living in it, showcasing those that are often overlooked. In doing this, I would like my work to resonate with locals and provide them with a new perspective on familiar surroundings. Communities and their events, the construction of new buildings and other current happenings will also find a place within this project.

To view more of Jiles’s work please visit his website.

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