Thomas Moore

Thomas Moore is a photographer, filmmaker and graphic designer. In New York and Los Angeles, he has worked with brands like AT&T, Sony, HBO, IBM and ABC and has received accolades from the AIGA, Maxon Computer, Behance’s Motion Graphics Served. His films have screened at The Harvard Film Society, New Filmmakers and with The Independent Feature Project (IFP). His photographs have been featured on former Vice Magazine photo editor Tim Barber’s

Book 1

Since 2005, my practice has focused primarily on a series of photographs of my immediate and extended family in Florida, Connecticut, Maine and Ohio and these surrounding environments. In this body of work, I have attempted to describe a specific type of narrative that explores a sense of mystery and the unknown, a feeling that something is lurking just underneath the surfaces of the everyday American experience. Other themes include technology and its relationship to contemporary life, the built environment, psychological dynamics, gender roles and constructed notions of femininity and masculinity. The work blurs the line between tableau and real-world-witness photography.

To view more of Thomas’ work please visit his website.

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