Taylor Galloway

Taylor Galloway is a photographer living and working in Philadelphia, PA. Taylor’s work directs him up and down the East Coast of the United States tracing and interpreting his family’s exploration of this territory. Mixing found imagery, family artifacts, and his own photographs, Taylor is looking to understand his place within the family tree and how those who have come before influence the present. Making frequent trips to these heritage sights, Galloway hopes to feel the energy of the past – a time when the family was close knit. Taylor continues to travel the East Coast listening to these voices and making photographs.

Gateway to the Moon

We had a pool, we lived on a safe street, we were falling apart.

Raised voices flowing through the thin bedroom walls as my eyes gazed to the morning light. I couldn’t tell what season it was, but was happy to feel the heat for a moment.

I’m going back with no memory, so it’ll take me a bit to get my bearings straight, but I promise I’ll try. I want to feel the calm when we first touched down. The feeling of cotton on my naked body. I want to know what went wrong and why you two will never know one another again.

I may not return and I’d like your permission to do so.

To view more of Taylor’s work please visit his website.

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