Alex Christopher Williams

Born in Ohio but raised in the south, I have become a citizen of the world in 27 short years. My work is best thought of as an emotional response to my intuitive perspective on the world. I have shown my work in Atlanta, GA, New York, NY, Berlin, DE and Lacoste, FR. Im currently seeking my Masters of Fine Art in photography at the University of Hartford. I currently live in Atlanta, Georgia.

These photographs are a nod to my father; a man who shows no wounds from the culture abuse American society has given to black communities since the founding of our country. I was freed from that burden when I was born with white skin, which, subsequently, also stripped me of my ancestral heritage that I am seeking to restore. This work explores the role of masculinity in black communities and attempts to retell the journey of my ancestors’ migration north from the Jim Crow south.

To view more of Alex’s work please visit his website.

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