What We’ve Found: Fashion

What we’ve found is that ‘fashion photography’ is an ever-evolving genre. Commercial fashion is finding a new home within fine art. The established line between selling a garment and selling an image is eagerly blurred by the selected photographers. The images allow you to consider design and the way it carefully interacts with the constructed world around it. Highlighting form, environment, and colors all while trying to ‘sell sell sell!’ It seems like an impossible feat, yet the following photographers did an immaculate job.

Angie Stong

The group of images demonstrates a surreal environment, the models utilized not conforming to a ‘traditional’ idea of beauty. The selected photographers masterfully place their subjects in a world that is recognizable but unattainable. We find ourselves drooling over the ‘perfect moment’ where space, light, form, and (most importantly) the garments are working symbiotically. The images allow you to believe (even if only for a second) that you can exist within this world.

Jef Claes

Jess Claes

Kendall Eager

Kendall Eager

Simon Martin

Simon Martin

Simon Martin

Sean Murray

Madison Koster

George Voronov

Daria Amaranth

We’re eternally grateful for every submission we receive. Thank you for contributing to such a collaborative and important platform where we’re able to proudly share your art.

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