Alec Kaus

Alec Kaus is an artist and photographer based in Athens, Georgia. He is an MFA candidate in Photography at the University of Georgia where he is a Whitehead Graduate Art Fellow and holds a BA in Studio Art from the University of Nebraska–Lincoln. He was recently awarded the 2018 Society for Photographic Education Student Award for Innovations in Imaging. His work has been exhibited across the United States, as well as published online by Light Leaked, Streit House Space, Same Coin Press, and FotoRoom, among others. His current work explores themes of transition, identity, and home.

Lost in Transition

Home is a relative term.

Home is the elusive destination that calls me to continue searching. Home is the underlying insecurity that drives me to create photographs. Home is the common thread that stitches together what once felt like disparate fragments of film frames into a larger, circular narrative with no definitive beginning and no real end.

Since my early childhood, I never lived in any one place long enough to establish permanent roots. Moving somewhere new every few years facilitated the creation of shallow, impermanent relationships between my surroundings and me. Because of this, I cannot claim a hometown in the traditional sense. Exploring this lack of a sense of belonging has greatly fueled my ongoing body of work, Lost in Transition.

Lost in Transition is a constant, never-ending search for answers just out of reach. It’s about transience: being trapped in a liminal space with no sense of direction, no sense of self, and no sense of home. Creating these images began as a therapeutic process: they became my way of escaping reality, and later, crafting my own reality—a dark, rich utopia of my own design—to call home.

To view more of Alec’s work please visit his website.