Jill Hannes

Jill Beth Hannes is a photographer living in Los Angeles. She graduated from The Academy of Art University with a BFA in Fine Art Photography. She began photographing when she was in elementary school, where she was given a disposable camera for a school project, and she has not stopped since. Her work is very dream-like with a cinematic feel. Photographing mostly women, her work deals with mental illness stemming from personal experience. Each woman represents someone that she was – a certain feeling and a certain time. She has been published in publications such as Us of America, Red Thread Journal, GUP, and VICE. She recently had her first solo show in Vancouver, CA, hosted by Fotofilmic and juried by Todd Hido.

Strange Women

This is an ongoing project I started when I was first getting sober. I felt like I was losing the person that I thought I was and becoming this stranger. I decided to start creating these feelings of isolation, sadness, weakness, strength, power, sexuality in images. I’ve continued this project and will continue to photograph the person that I am becoming.

To view more of Jill Hannes’s work please visit her website.

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