Robin Ek

Originally from Sweden, Robin Ek currently lives and works in London, UK. His career in Design and Art Direction has meant photography has always been close, but it’s only recently that he has started to take the camera into his own hands. Approaching photography as a means to self-reflect and examine his own perspective on the every day, Robin is interested in leveraging the medium to get closer to emotions and experiences that are otherwise difficult to access and express. His most recent work plays across the borders of the real and the imagined, the observed and the subconscious.


I have reoccurring dreams of the world’s end. Fascinating and frightening at once, they always begin with strange light phenomena in the sky. I look up, and everything I know about everything changes. I began to experiment with trying to manifest these subconscious sights, without fabricating or adding anything but rather by playing with existing light and context. While the inspiration for these visions arise from very personal experience, the question as to whether others may have similar dreams is perhaps what captivates me the most. The fear of our world ending countered with the curiosity of new and undiscovered worlds… I wonder if this juxtaposition of ideas is something that connects us.

To view more of Robin Ek’s work please visit his website.

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