Daniel McCullough

Daniel McCullough is a visual artist and photographer based in Milwaukee, WI. Daniel received his Bachelor of Fine Arts from Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design in 2018, and has exhibited his work locally and nationally. His work investigates the atmosphere of place in both the natural and constructed landscape through intuitive and chance-based approaches to photography.


“Interruptions” introduces a relationship between constructed imagery and the built environment through chance-based approaches to photography. Using gestures of blind drawing and surface manipulations on sheet film before exposure, I am interested in disrupting the camera’s role as a tool to depict reality and acting in the gap between the camera lens and the world that it renders. Allowing the camera’s depiction of space to be layered with blind drawings provide a distance from more straightforward modes of observation and further disrupts an understanding of what is recorded as real. By integrating these two modes of chance and control, I am interested in an intersection of structure and disorder and allowing the chance-based actions to serve as an expressive language grounded in real environments.

To view more of Daniel’s work please visit his website.

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