Rosa Polin

Rosa Polin is from Brooklyn, New York. She received her BA in photography from Bard College in Spring 2016. She primarily photographs people. Fundamentally, her work deals with living in a mortal a body. She is interested in identity, intimacy and vulnerability. Selections from her project Flawless were shown in two group shows in 2017: Red Hook Labs New Artists and PhotoVogue/Visions, a group show exhibited as part of the annual PhotoVogue Festival in Milan, Italy organized by Vogue Italia.


These images are part of Flawless, a project about being a person figuring out how to fit comfortably in a body. The images are stationed in a space between the beautiful and the awkward, the glamorous and the strange. They invoke the construction of femininity and poke holes in its facade at the same time, providing openings for the naked and the real to seep through.

To view more of Rosa Polin’s work please visit her website.

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