Carson Lancaster

Born in 1987 and hailing from Los Angeles, Carson Lancaster has spent the last 5 years running Book and Job Gallery in downtown San Francisco. He primarily works with black and white film and runs a darkroom out of the gallery. His work has been described as “alright”, “just fine” and “adequate”. He has mounted solo exhibitions in Tokyo and London along with group shows in New York, Melbourne, and Los Angeles.

The Lost Coast

On the occasion of the youngest brother of three turning 30, a backpacking trip was taken along one of California’s most remote stretches of coastline. While they have grown apart over the years, emotionally and geographically, the bond of brotherhood survives the trials and of daily life. Foamy seas, foggy mornings, endless miles of wet sand, you trudge through the years to encounter the importance of family.

To view more of Carson Lancaster’s work please visit his website.

What We've Read!

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