Matt Rosenbaum

Matt Rosenbaum is a writer/director and self-taught multimedia artist working in photography, sculpture and mixed media painting. Born in Florida, he now spends most of his time working in Brooklyn. On an unconscious level, some artists’ work strives to replicate the conditions of their childhood. This is true of Matt. Much like Florida, Matt’s work is uncomfortable – hellish, as hilarious as it is horrifyingly, wickedly odd and abundant with that uniquely American rot. Matt graduated from Tisch School of the Arts at New York University in 2015 with a BFA in film.

The Four Legged Woman Walks At Night

The Four Legged Woman Walks At Night is an ongoing collection of what I like to call ‘mystery images.’ These images, which are sometimes staged, sometimes spontaneously documented, all portray puzzling events or characters that, because they are divorced from context, create a feeling of bewilderment.

This lack of context is fundamental to my photographs. The subjects, which are often esoteric or fantastical, encourage a viewer to seek out the underlying narratives that may exist behind each image. In this way, my larger project is rooted in fantasy. It’s about the stories we make up in our heads and the ways our brains fill in the gaps when the pieces are missing in just the right spots. Because they are parts of stories, I believe my photographs have entertainment value; like a movie or like a dream.

To view more of Matt Rosenbaum’s work please visit his website.


Photo Credit : Céline Clanet

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