Casie Brown

Casie Brown resides in Toronto, and spends a third of her year in Texas. She is a self-taught multi-disciplinary artist and works primarily in digital photography and video, with a focus on merging self-portraiture, movement and landscapes. This ongoing series explores the symbiotic nature of manifold femininity, in dialogue with sexuality. She is interested in exploring the cyclicality of female experience as it relates to interior and exterior settings. Her work often features interactions between the artist’s body, object and place. Most recently included in the 2017 compilation ‘Pics or It Didn’t Happen’ published by Prestel.

Wax Woman Studies

A series of documents, linking daily erosions of female experience and pleasure. Within both constructed and transient settings, these works observe the personal erotics we encounter repeatedly and mundanely. They often contrast a latent chaos of this individual female experience within organized or structured environments.


To view more of Cassie Brown’s work please visit her website or instagram.

What We've Read!

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