Jack Garland

My name is Jack Garland, I’ve been shooting for around a decade throughout my hometown of Fort Collins, Colorado. I deal mainly in long exposure photography that highlights the moody and often dark realms of our everyday surroundings. Glorifying the night’s beauty and its importance to exploring the full spectrum of ourselves.

The American Suburb

These specific photos and much of what I shoot lately are an ode and a satire to the quintessential “American Suburb”. Exalting and paying tribute to the ideals and structure of these neighborhoods and homes while also putting them in these dark and underbelly-esq scenes. Everyone loves a good sunset in their neighborhood, but what happens afterwards? What encounters subtly happen around our homes and how do we change in the dark? I try to photograph these streets in a way we don’t intentionally want to see them. There’s a weight to the dimensions of what we think we know.

To view more of Jack Garland’s work please visit his website.

What We've Read!

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