Sophie Gabrielle

Sophie Gabrielle is a Melbourne based contemporary photographer and curator working in both analog and digital mediums. Graduating from Photography Studies College, Melbourne in 2015, her work has been exhibited in Australia, Malaysia, New York and the UK after being a finalist for the Lensculture Emerging Talent Awards 2016.

Through her fine art practice, Sophie has channeled her interest in mythology, spiritualism, and psychology to create poetic works that reflect our sense of self, place and the ambiguity of memory. Her research in psychology and other fields of science are the base of her visual practice, drawing from MRI scans, brain synapses structures and experiments in memory notably by Elizabeth F. Loftus.

In 2018 Sophie was a board member in the creation of the arts and music festival ‘Good Moon Rising’ which celebrates women in the Melbourne arts community and raises funds for the charity ‘Girls Rock’.

She also collaborates to create portraiture and fashion-forward images with Melbourne based designers and stylists and was awarded ‘Best Fashion Image’ by The Center Of Contemporary Photography in 2016.


Aesthetically driven and inspired by the physical molecular basis of memory itself captured by The Albert Einstein College of Medicine in early 2014, BL_NK SP_CE is an exploration into the abstract realm of memory. Through self-portraiture and object the work creates a physical representation of the physiological workings of the mind, focusing on retained and recollective thought that has been confabulated over time and its effect on the subconscious.
BL_NK SP_CE draws upon my continued interest in self-reflection, emotional and physical state, identity and psychology.

It is through memory that we base our identity, learning from our past experiences and influences. However, through time these defining points of our lives are shaped by our recall, reflection and clarity on the subject and they are often subject to distortion. BL_NK SP_CE draws upon my continued interest in self-reflection, emotional and physical state, identity and psychology. It is this visible-invisible that shapes our daily life, interactions, and actions.

To view more of Sophie Gabrielle’s work please visit her website.

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