Lexi Brown

Originally from Philadelphia, Lexi now lives and works in San Francisco, California. By day, she is the Registrar at Fraenkel Gallery. She received her BFA in Photography from Rochester Institute of Technology in 2014. Her work centers around themes of history, home, and the dichotomy of fact & fiction. Lexi has shown her work on both the East and West coasts, and continues to travel back and forth. She has made books in collaboration with Visual Studies Workshop, After Hours Press, and Oranbeg Press.


My mother is crying next to the oven.
It is massive, made of concrete and painted with a soft, blue, flowering design.

“My grandmother always used to tell me about the oven in the family’s bakery.
How huge it was.
[It must have looked like this.]
We are here, Lexi.”

Budapest is a city of dichotomy.
Split by the Danube,
Sisters— Buda and Pest.

Palaces and castles line the river.

Fortuna on a hill, shooting her arrow into the sky.

The walls are crumbling,
Everything covered by soot.

Driving to Kisvarda, the land is yellow and green, away from the smog of the city.

“Why does a grandson go to a place of such tragedy,
from which half his family escaped,
and the other half perished?”

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