Elise Corten

Elise Corten is a photographer based in Brussels, Belgium. She received a BA from Luca School of Arts in 2018 and is currently working on multiple photographic series. These visual diaries are autobiographical and express an intimate reality. Elise works on 35mm film and aims to illuminate human relationships and the people within them. A focus on contrast, texture, and the ambiguity of intimacy is the foundation of her visual storytelling.

Call Me Home

I made a mental and physical journey to define what intimacy means to me. I am very interested in how people are intimate and how we perceive our own identity. I believe it is more than a confrontation with a body. Attempting to better understand the human connection and the dynamic between people who are intimate with each other has been the starting point of this journey. Photographing myself and my own intimate moments has turned this work into an autobiographical diary— a diary of moments that can be very fleeting, easily lost.

To view more of Elise Corten’s work please visit her website.

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